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  • What is GIFMIS? +

    The Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) is an IT based system for budget management and accounting that is being implemented by the Federal Government of Nigeria to improve Read More
  • What is the scope of GIFMIS? +

    GIFMIS will cover the entire financial management cycle including: Budget preparation and execution Treasury management and reporting General ledger and financial reporting Procurement, including Commitments, purchase orders, Maintenance of a Read More
  • Nigeria has over 104 missions abroad. Will they be linked with the GIFMIS? +

    Yes, all federal government spending units including the missions abroad will be linked to GIFMIS. Read More
  • Who owns GIFMIS? +

    GIFMIS is owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria and domiciled at the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation. Read More
  • Why should GIFMIS be implemented now? +

    GIFMIS provides a foundation upon which different Public Financil Management reforms will be anchored. Now is the time for greater transparency enabled by the advancement of Information Technology. Implementing GIFMIS Read More
  • How does GIFMIS impact the Nigerian general public? +

    GIFMIS implementation will enable the Federal Government of Nigeria process financial transactions faster and at a much lower cost. GIFMIS will also improve the reliability of management information. This will Read More
  • Is the government really interested in implementing GIFMIS? +

    Yes, GIFMIS project was approved by Mr President and the National assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Federal Minister of Finance set up the steering Committee and the Read More
  • Who is leading the implementation of GIFMIS? +

    The GIFMIS Implementation is led by the Project Sponsor who is the Federal Minister of Finance Read More
  • What are the Project management structures for GIFMIS? +

    GIFMIS project management structure is defined in the project Charter and comprises the following: Project Steering Committee (PSC) chaired by the Accountant General of the Federation and responsible for overseeing Read More
  • When will GIFMIS be operational? +

    GIFMIS will be implemented centrally initially within the Budget Office, OAGF, six pilot MDAs and six FPOs remote sites with access by the Auditor General followed by a phased approach Read More
  • Has GIFMIS been implemented successfully by any country in Africa? +

    A number of countries in Africa have embarked on implementing IFMIS. Some of the successful stories include Tanzania, Mauritius, South Africa, Uganda, The Gambia and Sierra Leone. Read More
  • Nigeria is biggest country in Africa, with very unique condition, can GIFMIS implementation really succeed? +

    Yes, it is true Nigeria is a unique country aspiring to be a Great nation of Good people. However, its financial management requirements follow generally accepted principles. Nigeria like many Read More
  • Does the GIFMIS have safeguards to secure taxpayers money against fraud or to protect government financial information against unauthorised use? +

    GIFMIS has been designed with a very robust security system that will be very difficult to break into. There are also very elaborate security measures around GIFMIS that will keep Read More
  • How is GIFMIS implementation funded? +

    GIFMIS is funded by a Loan secured from the World Bank under the Economic Reform and Governance Project ERGP that was approved by the World Bank in December 2004 in Read More
  • When will actual processing of transactions on GIFMIS Begin? +

    As indicated in question 9 above, real-time processing of transactions on GIFMIS is expected to begin in the year 2011. Read More
  • Is there any law supporting GIFMIS implementation? +

    There are many laws supporting financial management for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They include the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Financial management and Control Act 2009, the Read More
  • Computerisation is often said to result in job losses, isn’t GIFMIS implementation going to lead to massive laying-off of staff and worsening the unemployment problem in Nigeria? +

    GIFMIS implementation will not result in laying-off of staff. Instead it will result in a number of changes in the way the current financial management tasks are undertaken. While some Read More
  • Where can I get more information about GIFMIS? +

    You can obtain more information from the following sources. The GIFMIS website at http://www.gifmis.gov.ng or Contact the following: Accountant General of the Federation: Office of the Accountant General of the Read More
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