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  • Posted on:  Tuesday, 25 June 2013 12:25
  • Written by  Adebunmi Oyewunmi

A three week training session was organised as part of the induction and orientation in preparation of the implementation of the World Bank assisted Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) project of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN) for newly recruited personnel. This is in line with the FG’s goal of strengthening and improving the efficiency of public expenditure and receipts.

The induction which took place at the Treasury Academy, Orozo from  Tuesday 13, September to Friday 30, September 2011 was held for 30 Support Consultants (18 Accountants and 12 IT Support Consultants) with the facilitators comprising personnel from the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF), Budget Office, World Bank Consultants, the GIFMIS Project Manager and other members of the team.

The GIFMIS Project Manager, Mr Desteo Mugabi and The Training Advisor, Treasury Academy Mr Philip Omoregie welcomed the support team and stressed the need for participants to have a good understanding of the budgeting process and how GIFMIS will function. The team they said will determine the success of the project.

The training sessions included the following modules
• Organisation of the Accountant- General of the Federation (OAGF) - 
• Functions and Operation of the Administration Department of OAGF
• Financial Regulations- An Overview
• Accounting Transaction, Recording and Reporting System (ATRRS) - An Attempt at Improving Financial Reporting 
• Functions and Operation of the Consolidated Accounts Department (CAD)
• Charts of Accounts (COA) – Overview, Design and Application
• New (COA) Classification System and Public Accountability
• Transaction Recording and Reporting with the New COA
• Fraud Risks in the Treasury Management
• Treasury Single Account (TSA) - Concept, Design and Implementation
• Capacity Building for Public Financial Management- The Role of Treasury Academy
• Public Service Rules- an Overview
• Functions and Operations of Finance & Accounts Department
• The Use and Impact of Transparency Standards in Public Financial Management
• Functions and Operations of Revenue Department
• Budgeting for the Federal Government – Preparation and Execution
• Functions and Operations of the Funds Department
• Cash Management and Treasury Functions 
• Budget and Budget Reforms – The Information Technology Connection / Budget Monitoring and Evaluation
• Auditing in Treasury Function
• Functions and Operations of Audit Monitoring Department
• IPPIS – Concept and Operation/ IPPIS as a GIFMIS Module
• Helping Hands, soft skills for GIFMIS support.
• GIFMIS – Concept, Scope, Design and Implementation
• GIFMIS Support Arrangement – An Overview
• GIFMIS and the Public Financial Management Cycle
• Federal Government Budget Execution and Process with TSA
• GIFMIS System Architecture
• Duties and Roles of GIFMIS Support Personnel
• The Basic Components of GIFMIS
• GIFMIS Security Policy

The training modules were participatory with Role play, group work, discussions and individual projects. Participants were trained with the aim that they will provide adequate support for GIFMIS implementation at the various MDAs.

The high point of the induction was the evaluation of presentation skills of participants which also served as learning points for everyone.

The GIFMIS project Team welcomes the support team on board

Adebunmi Oyewunmi

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