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Message from the Accountant General of the Federation


Welcome to the Government Integrated Financial Management information System (GIFMIS) website.


GIFMIS is part of the Economic Reform and Governance project (ERGP) that has provided a computerised financial management information system for the FGN.


This system which is efficient, effective, and user friendly has increased the ability of FGN to undertake central control and monitoring of expenditure and receipts in the MDAs.



It has also enabled the ability of FGN to access information on financial and operational performance, Government cash position and economic performance and also have controls to prevent and detect potential and actual fraud.



This website apart from reporting the day to day activities of the GIFMIS project  will be used as a platform to   demonstrate accountability and transparency of the FGN expenditure in the MDA’s  to the public. It will therefore be publishing  the following


  1. Daily Treasury Statements
  2. Daily Payments Reports
  3. Monthly Budget Performance Reports
  4. Monthly Fiscal Accounts
  5. Quarterly Financial Statements by MDA
  6. Quarterly Consolidated Financial Statements


This is to give credence to the open, transparent and accountable approach to treasury management in the change dispensation. The public is  therefore encouraged to be regular visitors to the site.All enquiries should be directed to.


Thank you.

Ahmed Idris
Accountant General of the Federation